Promotion Package #3 - Bus / Gown

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Promotion Package #1 includes: 
1) Bus Ticket ($20) - Mandatory for any student attending Great America 
2) Promotion Gown ($35) - Needed for Promotion - do NOT buy this package if you are borrowing or if you have a UMS Promotion Gown already 
Total: $55 

This Package does NOT include: 
GA Ticket ($40) - Needed to enter Great America - Only buy this package if you have a WOW pass 

Please select your student's height (or what you believe their height will be at Promotion) to determine their gown size. Thank you. No parent pick-up or drop-off at Great America. All students must be on the bus to and from Great America! 

By adding this item to your basket, you have reviewed the permission slip / update for the UMS Great America Field Trip (available at with your student and agree to the terms as included on said permission slip.
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